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House Medics renovated my entire house inside and out. We are very happy with their work and plan on using them for future projects
Date of Posting: 16 Dec 2015Posted by: KEVIN MAGNIN
We had siding repair done. You can't tell the old from the new. Housemedics did a fantastic job matching. Work was done quickly and courteously. Have recommended Housemedics to our friends.
Date of Posting: 13 Jul 2014Posted by: Nan M
We have used HouseMedics for various jobs over the last 3 years. Most recently, they gave our entire house a facelift prior to selling our home, and it was on the market less than a day.
Date of Posting: 8 Jun 2013Posted by: Laura Teuchtler
Housemedics installed a 6 foot fence for us in 2011 and they did a fantastic job. I would highly recommend them and use them again.
Date of Posting: 15 Feb 2013Posted by: Chris T.

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